Coronavirus PPE relief special fund

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the states and medical staff are tirelessly fighting with the virus day in and day out, but their PPE is out of supply. Tsinghua Alumni COVID-19 Response Group of California and CMAIN join effort together to set up this special fund to collect donation money, use the donation to buy PPE(N95, surgical masks etc) and distribute PPE to local hospitals (preferably), nursing homes or communities with urgent needs.


新冠病毒最近开始在美国肆虐,来势十分凶猛。很多地方已经封城,封州,疫情曲线还在成指数增长。日夜战斗在第一线的医护人员开始出现医疗防护设备的短缺。不少医院已经开放捐赠和号召捐赠防护用品。医护人员需要全社会的共同帮助,我们有责任帮助购买医疗物资,回馈社区,为医护人员提供必要的医疗防护设备尽绵薄之力。在同病毒这个人类的共同敌人的战斗中,给一线战士们实实在在的帮助。我们请求所有关心湾区的华人朋友为解决当前医疗物资短缺问题伸出援手。United we stand!



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About Us

CMAIN is a qualified 501(C)(3) NPO, which helps people suffering from disasters. CMAIN will ensure all donations go to those who need help by all means. No volunteers will get any kind of salary from CMAIN. We build up CMAIN because nowadays there are more highly educated Chinese immigrants to the US. They are kind and have sympathy. They choose to live in the US for a better life and they do want to contribute their effort to local communities. However, due to the different cultural backgrounds, most of them are not familiar with the rules and benefits of making charitable donations in the US. Overseas, China has strong ties with China. We want to build the bridge to support our folks in a direct way.

The United States also has many natural disasters caused by, for example, fire, flooding, hurricane, and tornados. These natural disasters cause great loss. CMAIN would like to build a bridge for Chinese immigrants to contribute their effort for the US society.


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