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Q: How do I apply for the aid?

Please read the  CMAIN General Mission Policy – Policies and Procedures – Detailed Description,

Then fill up the following forms and email to us.

Q: How can I get company match?

Various companies have different policies to match their donation. You can check our Company Matching list which will show either your company has the matching program to us or it is under review for progress.

If you need the proof of CMAIN 501(c)3 from IRS, please click here for the letter from IRS

There are usually 2 ways to get the company match:
<1>If your company doesn’t have an online matching system, please contact your HR dept. to get info on how to match your donations.
<2>If your company has an online system where you could submit your matching request:

  • Please first search for our EIN. If you could find us in the database, that means your company can match your donation to CMAIN. In this case, you only need to select our organization and fill in the rest of the donation information. Then you are done. Your company will contact us to verify your donation info before they send the matching check to us.
  • If you cannot find us, that means either the matching application is under review or no employee in your company has submitted a matching to CMAIN request yet. In this case, you could submit a new organization request. You can find the related information needed below for your application. Charity Name: CHINESE MUTUAL AID INTERNATIONAL NETWORK
    EIN: 26-2983580
    Address: 1172 Murphy ave
    San Jose, California 95131, USA
    Contact person: CMAIN
    Phone: 408-688-5168
    Descriptions/Mission: Chinese Mutual Aid International Network(CMAIN) is a non-profit organization registered in California with IRS 501(c)(3) status. CMAIN is a public charity.United States has lots of nature disasters caused by, for example, fire, flooding, hurricane and tornados. These nature disasters cause great loss. Many Chinese immigrants want to help victims. However due to the different culture background, most of them are not familiar with the rules and benefits of making charity donations in US.CMAIN would like to build the bridge for Chinese immigrants to contribute their efforts. Meanwhile, sometimes some of American Chinese happen to have very unfortunate accidents. CMAIN will help such individuals in difficulty for a short time to overcome their difficulties.

Q: How soon my donation can be dilivered to beneficiary ?

The majority of donations came in via Paypal, Google Checkout and check. We usually submit the withdrawal request to transfer the balance to our bank account on a daily basis. However, the withdrawal process takes about 4 business days. Once the balance is cleared and deposited into our bank account, we will wire transfer / cute check for the donations to beneficiaries on the same business day if the document’s ready.

Q: Can we have receipt for group donation (集体捐款) if we provide a tear down detail list for each individuals (一笔捐款,多个RECEIPT)

A: Yes, that is confirmed, CMAIN can do that as long as you give us a tear down detailed list with email addresses and donation amount for each of the donor. (Phone No. will be good to have too)


CMAIN 拥有IRS 501(C)3 资格,在得到认证后,可以给您出具分开的TAX DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT ,请注意我们主页更新。只要您告诉我们整个捐款中每个人的名字,EMAIL,地址,电话,我们会用EMAIL的形式尽快在捐款活动结束后给您们发RECEIPT。


Q: When can I get my receipt?

不管以何种方式的捐款,我们都会在完成捐款活动结算后为您准备RECEIPT,所以请您在捐款的时候把您的EMAIL地址写清楚,如果是通过银行汇款,也请您在留言处注明您的EMAIL等联系方式。如果您急用RECEIPT,请您在DONATE后尽快跟我们联系。如果您在年底报税之前,仍然没有收到我们的收据,请尽快与我们联系,发EMAIL到: DONATION@CMAIN.ORG 询问,请同时告知您的捐款细节。请点击这里查询,并打印,作为您的抵税收据。

No matter what kind of donation method you are using, we will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt one month after the event. Please visit this linkto get your receipt and print it for tax deduction purposes. If you need the receipt right away, please let us know. If you still don’t hear from us by the end of this year or can’t find your receipt, please write us an email with your donation details to

Q: 我的名字什么时候会出现在donor list上?

CMAIN的记录都是公开的,但是有的捐款记录没有放在donor list上公布出来,因为:

A,有的人不愿意公开自己的捐款,甚至不能接受缩写自己的名字,然后POST出来,这样就需要我们手工把这些捐款人的名字从LIST中删除,(目前donor list是在最后确定捐款人名单后,由软件自动生成的)。

B,PAYPAL GCO都有30天-60天的取消期, 就是说捐款人有30-60天的时间,可以随意取消 他的捐款,而取消捐款的比率是挺高的。如果这时候我们把捐款人记录POST出来,而随后有捐款人再取消,那么就会造成记录和数据库的混乱。而且 通常记录POST出来的时候,RECEIPT也准备好了,那么捐款取消,RECEIPT却还在,在给IRS 准备的备案记录也会造成混乱。所以按照正规程序,应该在2个月后才把捐款人记录POST 出来,并同时准备 RECIEPT 。

如果年底报税前,您在捐款记录中没有发现您的名字,或查不到您的RECEIPT, 请及时与我们联系,我们会手工核实。


Q: I did not find my name on your donor tracking list. Is it a problem with your tracking system?

A: Thanks for your donation,

Most of the donations are from Paypal and Google Checkout. To protect the privacy of donors, we only display part of the donor’s name and part of the confirmation number.

We don’t want to leak our donor’s info, so we are using software to generate a more reliable donor list automatically. Right now we are generating this list weekly manually, so this will take some time.

Please check back to get the most updated list and info. If you still don’t see your name by the end of the year, please write us an email with your name, amount, and transaction ID, we will check for you.

Q: How to change donor’s name?

For the audit purpose, we can not change the donor name but only add more donor names on. The minimum amount for the original donor is $1. The rest amount will be applied to the new donor.

Please download the formhere, fill it up and mail to the address above.