Help Tian Bo family
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Help Tian Bo family

Tian Bo, from Shandong, Jinan. Born in 1974, graduated from South-East University of China in 1999 with Master Degree. worked in Seagate Singapore. 2002-2004 studied in UC Irvine,Joined Samsung San Jose in 2004.

July 18 2011, he took a road trip to Utah, alone, lost his way on 7,23, during the hiking in the famous scene: The Wave and slipped and fell down from the cliff.

Tian Bo made a lot of friend in the USA with his pleasant personality and wide range of hobbies. If you want to provide any help to his parents and family, please click the link below to leave your contact. We will have more detailed info later for his funeral .

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Addational News from

California man dies after fall from cliff in Utah’s Kane County


The Salt Lake Tribune

First published 1 hour ago
Updated 13 minutes ago Updated Jul 27, 2011 03:46PM

A 37-year-old man from California was killed on Saturday after he left a popular canyon hike in Kane County known as The Wave and fell 100 feet down a cliff trying to make his way in the dark.

Tracy Glover, chief deputy with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, said on Wednesday that Bo Pian had a permit to hike on Saturday in the popular sandstone sculpted canyon on the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Others saw him hiking alone.

Glover said it was dark Saturday night because there was no moon, and it was determined that Bo had a defective flashlight when he went over the cliff.

The body was sent the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy, and the death appears accidental.

"It was just an unfortunate accident," Glover said.

He said the body was discovered on Sunday by hikers in slot canyon in Buckskin Gulch, an area about a mile from The Wave that is also popular with visitors.

Investigators do not know whether Bo was continuing to explore the area after leaving The Wave or lost his way on the trail back to his car.

Glover said Bo, originally from China, was working for Samsung Information Systems America in San Jose, Calif., and had been documenting his trip to southern Utah on Facebook.

Hiker falls to death in Buckskin Gulch

On July 24, 2011, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a hiker was found deceased in Buckskin Gulch near the confluence with Wire Pass. Hikers stumbled upon the man, later identified as Bo Tian, 36, of San Jose, California. Tian had a permit to hike The Wave, a popular day hike area south of the Utah border in the BLM-administered Paria Wilderness area. Tian was last seen at The Wave near dusk on the night of July 23.

It is believed that while hiking back out to the Wire Pass Trailhead he became lost. “He slid down a couple of smaller ledges and it appears that his momentum took him over a 100 foot cliff ledge,” said Deputy Brent Smith, who is the lead investigator on the case.

KCSO Deputies, BLM employees, a Utah Medical Examiner’s Office Investigator and the Kane County Search and Rescue all responded to the scene.

“Everything that we have leads us to believe that Tian was deceased upon impact,” stated Chief Deputy Tracy Glover. “We would like to thank the BLM employees and Search and Rescue volunteers that came together on the holiday weekend to help with the recovery of Mr. Tian,” added Glover.

Rescuers took turns packing Tian through some very grueling slot canyons for approximately two miles.

The Sheriff’s Office and the BLM Field Office would like to remind hikers that it is not safe to hike in areas that you are not familiar with after dark. It’s also advised to be sure to travel with a GPS, plenty of water and don’t go into backcountry areas alone.

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