Guo Scholarship
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Guo Scholarship

Heng Nikita Guo passed away leaving a legacy of excellence and memories behind. CMAIN works together with Guo Foundation to establish the “Guo Scholarship”, to award those resembles Nikita: excellent, works hard and proud of their Chinese origin. The recipients must have demonstrated excellence in academic performance, leadership activity and Chinese culture promotion.

To know more about Nikita Guo: 
Heng “Nikita” Guo, born in 1984, is a graduate of Texas A&M of class of ‘06. After working in investment banking in New York City for 4 years she started pursuing her MBA at MIT Sloan school of management.
In addition to her academic excellence, she is also active in promoting awareness of Asian culture and helped the underprivileged. She successfully led a fundraising drive in 2005 to help Asia tsunami relief effort; she also co-founded Rural China Education Foundation, an international non-profit organization supporting people in rural China receiving education. She even founded Loong Group, advocating Asian healthcare knowledge. In order to help Americans understand China, she even personally funded American students to do internship in China. 

To know more about the Guo Foundation : 
Guo Foundation strives to recognize leaders who promote Chinese culture&social status, as well as community service. We name the foundation after Nikita Guo because she epitomizes what the organizations stands for. It is our sincere and humble hope that the foundation will help elevate Chinese Americans’ political, social and economic status in the United States. 


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