Help Ralf Sierenberg family

  Ralf Sierenberg unexpectedly passed away at the age of 61 on September 1, 2022, in Seattle, United States. Ralf was born in Frohnhausen, Germany. As a lover of nature and a manager of a garden center at an early age, Ralf was an expert in identifying plants and flowers. Ralf also invented star-designed LED […]


Help Max Li’s Family

Max Li is a twenty-one years old young man and he got a bone tumor at the age of eighteen. After three year of fierce fighting with the rare and deadly cancer, unfortunately, the situation deteriorated, and his cancer became terminal. He now might have come to the last days of his young life.     […]


Coronavirus PPE relief special fund

        Coronavirus PPE relief special fund Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the states and medical staff are tirelessly fighting with the virus day in and day out, but their PPE is out of supply. Tsinghua Alumni COVID-19 Response Group of California and CMAIN join effort together to set up this special […]